White Horn Kratom: A New White Vein Strain?

White Horn Kratom: A New White Vein Strain?

The White Horn Kratom is one of the newer strains. What do you need to know about this kratom variant? Get to know this new white kratom strain here.

It is general knowledge that kratom is divided into three main strains classified according to colors. There is the red vein kratom known for its pain-relieving properties. The green vein strain possesses both the qualities of green and white strains but with milder effects. And the white strain, a potent stimulant.

The white kratom strain comes in different brands, similar to other kratom strains. Examples of well-known white kratom variants are White Borneo, White Vein Kali, and White Vein Indo. Each brand shares similar attributes that is to boost energy, mood, alertness, and concentration. Although these brands are under the same category, each one differs in alkaloid concentration. Therefore, some of the white kratom strains characterize higher potency compared to others.

Many varieties of these Kratom strains come from Sumatra, Indonesia, a Southeast Asian country with a tropical climate suitable for kratom habitat. Thus, it is no surprise that new kratom strains are found in this country.

One of the newer strains found in Sumatra is White Horn Kratom. Although the strain is fairly new, it already grabbed the attention of several kratom users. It quickly becomes one of the popular choices in the market, rivaling the older strains. Now, what makes this new strain unique? Is the hype for this white kratom strain for sale necessary?

About White Horn Kratom

Albeit coming from Sumatra, the white horn kratom did not take its place of origin as a name, unlike other kratom strains. Its name comes from the shape of its leaves, which is quite unusual to the common shape of kratom leaves.

What makes this strain special is the rarity of its tree. The white horn kratom is challenging to find even from its place of origin. In fact, there are more white kratom strains than white horn kratom. 

The Benefits

White horn kratom possesses similar qualities to other white vein kratom strains. It has a higher concentration of stimulant alkaloids that interacts with opioid receptors, which encourages euphoric effects. Hence, the strain can boost performance and productivity by increasing energy, enhancing mood, alertness, and focus. These properties unique to white kratom strains make them the best option for people who suffer from psychological problems and fatigue.

Now, what makes the white horn kratom different from other strains?

This newer strain packs more punch compared to older white strains. The chemical composition of this variant indicates a higher concentration of active stimulants, making it more potent than other white strains.

Likewise, the strain’s effect lasts longer than most white variants. If you’re heading out for laborious work all day long, the white horn kratom can help your body stay active despite long hours of work.

Additionally, the new strain has the potential to boost one’s mood in no time. The effects of the strain immediately start after a few minutes from consumption and last longer. The mood-boosting and relaxing effect of the strain is what makes it popular in the market.

How to Take White Horn Kratom

The strain is a good choice for kratom users who are used to strong variants. However, beginners are warned not to take this option in a higher dosage. Beginners are advised to follow the micro-dosing for this variant. The suggested dosage for beginners ranges from 1 to 1.5 grams. Taking the strain in a higher dosage is dangerous for individuals with low tolerance.

Two grams of white horn kratom is enough to keep the body stimulated all day long. If your body is more tolerant of the substance, you can gradually increase the consumption by one gram.

Beware that forcing to consume a high dosage of this variant may lead to side effects like dizziness, nausea, and severe headaches.

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