Love, Passion and Desire

Love, Passion and Desire

Relationship and dating is a complex phenomenon that occurs every day. It involves personal techniques and lots of factor to consider in order for an individual to be successful in the courtship. Let’s face it, love start with physical attraction that sooner or later cultivates emotional connection.

Physical attraction is the initial step to all the feelings a person may grow with a certain individual in the future. When an individual finds another person attractive, cute or interesting, he or she will then initiate initial contact by starting a conversation. The said first step is crucial with the succeeding steps.

Dating and getting to know each other is an exciting phase. Finding new things about your partner adds up to your attraction with your counterpart. After the couple becomes too comfortable with each other, they now venture the physical means of displaying their affection. The time when couples become too comfortable with each varies. It may happen after months of dating or few days. Though it doesn’t really matter as long as each of them trust each other and is willing to let go of reservations and boundaries they establish for themselves.

At this point of dating you may now establish trust to succumb on passion and desire with your partner. Sexual intercourse now comes into play.

This is another factor that could determine the success of your relationship. It is true that at first it could be passionate and exciting but as time goes by it could be more on a routinize part of a relationship. The desire is gone and everything may become predictable. Love making couldn’t be exciting as before; don’t fall trap with this dilemma. Rekindle the passion and desire; you may be wondering how. Little alteration and sexual aids to create unique experience might be your choice.

Simpli Pleasure

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