Dating Tips for Men by Women


Dating Tips for Men by Women

First impressions are always important

Never pretend to be someone who you aren’t, but always remember to impress a girl in your appearance. This does not mean you have to wear full tuxedos, instead having a shower, shave, applying some aftershave and putting on something suitable will help you get off to a good start. Don’t forget to turn up on time.

Make date plans for somewhere you feel comfortable

Women prefer to see men who take control and decide the place where the date will be. Dating is a daunting experience and is better to place it in a familiar territory known by both to make you feel more comfortable and stress-free. Avoid your typical weekend night pubs as you could meet your mates and distract you from your date.

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Be confident

Women value the level of confidence when selecting a guy. If you’re a little shy on the date, talk about something your passionate about where she can sense your spirit as you speak passionately about it. Even if you’re shy about your appearance, what attracts women more than looks is being happy, comfortable and confident in your skin.

Don’t do all the talking

Do not do all the talking on your date, keep what you have to say short and concise as you do not want to bore your date. If the date goes well, there will be plenty of opportunities to share your stories in a possible future.

Keep the conversation fun

Do not brag about your issues on your first date no as it is a big red sign. Women generally want a light-hearted conversation where she gets to laugh by getting asking the right questions.

Avoid the ex-conversation

Stay away from the ex-conversation as it can make a date awkward. If your partner brings up the topic, make sure to give short and answers while reassuring her your past is history, and you instead spend time getting to know your date.

Turn off your phone

Ringing phones can be irritating on dates. Putting it in silent or vibrate can still distract you. Instead, turn off your phone completely, this is bound to impress your partner as it would let her know you want to focus all your attention on her.


Offer to pay

In the first date, insist on treating her and avoid being forceful. Doing this will portray a gentleman outlook from you. If she persists on paying the bill, suggest her on getting the bill in the next date.

Follow up accordingly

If you didn’t enjoy the date, do not keep her hopes up and lead on by saying you’ll call her. If you enjoyed the date and failed to contact her within a couple of days, she will get the sense you didn’t enjoy the date. The sooner you tell her you had a great time at the date, the better.

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